Visit interesting places through the collections of cultural institutions across Europe with Europeana Travel Roulette. Spin the wheel and get inspired. So much to see, just one click away!

Aveiro – join Andreia Lourenço of Portugal’s Aveiro City Museum on a guided tour of Aveiro’s finest Art Nouveau buildings
Bergamo – take a virtual tour across Bergamo’s ancient city centre and historic monuments
Berlin – explore art and architecture of Berlin through photos and artworks
Budapest – learn more about Hungary’s capital from this gallery curated by Forum Hungaricum
Dublin – visit the capital of Ireland, situated between mountains and the sea
French Riviera – beautiful towns and coastlines of the Côte d’Azur are waiting for you
Greek Islands – sea, sun and history on thousands of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea
Iceland – get ready for the beauty if the land of fire and ice
Istanbul – formerly Byzantium and Constantinople, this city is crossing two continents
Leeuwarden – discover what the 2018 European Capital Of Culture has to offer
Lisbon – panoramas, views, scenery, culture and more from the capital of Portugal
Malmö – discover the city through the eyes of the artist Åke Waldemar Larsson
Marseille – learn more about this bustling city,  including the great story of Marseille’s first giraffe
Norwegian Fjörds – dramatic scenery depicted by the painters and photographers
Paris – take a virtual walk through the city of the art
Ravenna – discover the spectacular works of art and architecture in the Capital of Late Antiquity
Rome – explore the Eternal City from the comfort of your home
Rotterdam – enjoy the modern architecture of this vibrant city
Skagen – village’s scenery, landscape and fishing community as seen by the artists
Spijkenisse – take a virtual tour of Spijkennise, Duncan Laurence’s home town
Stockholm – paintings, photographs and artworks depicting Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden
Venice – the city of canals popular among tourists and artists alike
Vienna – amazing architecture and culture are waiting for you in the capital of Austria
Yorkshire – the famous pudding and Dracula are waiting for you

We hope you enjoyed your virtual trip and visited an interesting place. Maybe one day you’ll see it in real life.

Your favourite destination missing? Tell us and we might add it in the next round!

Feature imageTourist Still Life, Slovak National Gallery, Public Domain