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Folk Greek bridal gowns: the evolution of Greek bridal couture

Bridal dresses in traditional Greek culture are colorful, rich and vary a lot, depending on the region, the climate, available sources for textiles, as well as local traditions. This blog looks at the symbolism of clothing and jewellery in traditional Greek bridal dresses.

Los incursores

La entrada Los incursores aparece primero en BiblogTecarios.
A todos nos ha pasado el hecho de echar de menos una goma del pelo que juramos que dejamos en la mesilla o una aguja […] Leer más
La entrada Los incursores aparece primero en BiblogTeca…

8 things you should know about Chinese New Year

Eight facts to help you better understand the large annual festival of Chinese New Year, illustrated with cultural heritage objects from across Europe, reflecting the movement of Chinese people and culture acorss the world.